About Us

For years we have been following ancient farming our forefathers used to practice. Now with the changing times and avaibility of new technology, we make maximum use of modern farm practices mixed with traditional science of farming to get good quality produce with maximum output and minimum enviornmental disturbance. We practice conventional as well as vedic and organic farming here in Uganda. We use the ancient science of astronomy whereby planetary positions and cosmic energy plays major role in overall farm practice. Our actions are directed to decrease the human footprint and make the world more sustainable.

We have partnered with other growers in Uganda to provide a year-round supply of fruits and vegetables. We are always striving to improve our products through aggressive trials and sharing of best package of practice with our out-growers. Our out-growers are very well trained in good 'farm practice and we stress on maintaining the balance of nature and keep hygene in the field. We procure 70% of our produce from small out-growers who produce some of the finest fruits and vegetables in Uganda. Our out-growers are spread in Central districts of Mukono, Mityana, Iganga, Bugiri, Eastern districts of Mbale, Bududa, Sironko, In northern district of Dokolo, Lira,Apac, Oyam, And Western districs of Mubende, Fort Portal and Kasese.

The weather in Uganda favours us in growing variety of exotic fruits and vegetables round the year. We grow many speciality crops as per the specific requirements of our clients. Mayana Farms is the source of fresh and high quality produce for hundreds of consumers across the continent. We provide products with the best quality and right characteristic at the lowest possible cost.

We with all our experience and expertise of all these years hard work can assure that you can expect nothing but the best of everything we offer; our product, our service and last but not the least our commitment.